Welcome to the research on our ancestor – John Fuller of Newton, maltster, farmer, elected officer of Cambridge & Newton, founding member of the Church and one of the first settlers of Newton, Massachusetts, USA.  Born 1611, England; Settled 1644 Cambridge/Newton, USA.        Where is Newton, MA.

This is a Family History website that includes documents (including Wills), family & historical information, DNA and pictures from Suffolk, England and Massachusetts, USA. This site will be of interest to those researching ‘Fuller’ ancestry, anyone with ancestors from New England or those interested in early Massachusetts.                                                                       Site Map

Who was Simon Onge                        and

what Role did he play in the life of John Fuller of Newton?

John Fuller of Newton was one of the

three ‘John Fullers’ who immigrated to New England  prior to 1650.           

To develop an understanding of the life of John and his descendants, we first turned to some early history books like: James Savage (1860) Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New  England and Charles Pope (1900) Pioneers of Massachusetts and for more specific details Dr. Henry Bond’s (1855) fact ridden History of Watertown.  However, we found some facts misleading and some  descendants absent from one or more of these early works.

The descendants of John Fuller of Newton are lucky to have the Francis Jackson (1854) book on the History of Newton, with its details of the Fuller Family.

In addition, we have accumulated a wealth of information, documents and pictures within this one website, which when put together represents the life and family of John Fuller of Newton.

First Settler

The name ‘John Fuller’ is one of the 20 names engraved on the North side of the First Settlers Monument which still stands in the East Parish Burying Ground Cemetery in Newton, where we find John and many of his early descendants in the ‘Fuller Section’.


Some history books say John Fuller was a Maltster and we know that to be true because his Malt House is listed in his will.

At the time, Farming, Malting, Brewing and Selling Beer were all separate occupations. John of Newton was both a Farmer and a Maltster, but we are not aware that he was involved in making or selling beer.
What is a Maltster

Fuller Farm


In 1658, John Fuller initially purchased 750 Acers of land on the south side of the James River, which became the nucleus of what was known as the Fuller Farm.






Genealogy – Descendants of John Fuller of Newton

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See the Will of John Fuller of Newton and each of his sons plus many of his Descendants.




Seeking refuge and a new beginning for his fellow Puritans, John Winthrop joined the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629 in England. Just one year later (1630) and ten years after the Mayflower, the first seven ships of that Company sail from England and Governor Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts, founded a settlement on the Shawmut peninsula which became Boston, Massachusetts.


Who do you ..

Who do you think you are.

Descendants will find information here to advance their family histories and inch closer to finding who they really are. They will be pleased to know that John Fuller of Newton was the first of their ancestors to set foot on America soil. It is important that we each share our information among all the descendants of our John of Newton.

Readers who are not descendants should remember that they will never know who they really are until they have discovered their ancestry.