John Fuller of Newton

His Most Likely Ancestral Line

In his 1678 letter to the Probate Court for the estate of Simon Onge, John Fuller of Newton  sets out the arrangement with Simon Onge to allow Simon to live on his land for his lifetime and then the land would revert back to John of Newton.   John must have known Simon Onge very well and likely were family friends from Lavenham, UK, as John would not have had this arrangement with a stranger.  This letter along with the fact that Simon’s father (Edmond) signed as a witness to the James Fuller Will in Lavenham in 1618, connects John Fuller of Newton directly to James Fuller and the town of Lavenham.

Researchers have long been aware of the James Fuller of Lavenham Will, but not until we had the 1678 letter from John, could we make this link. Armed with the information that connects John of Newton to Lavenham, we can combine the Lavenham Parish Church Records information with that in the James Fuller Will, and speculate how John Fuller of Newton might fit into this family:

James Fuller b, about 1542 and died 17 May. 1622 in Lavenham, had 2 living children at the time his Will was written in 1618:

1. Marie bap Lavenham 21 Dec, 1569 – we know from James’ Will she was married to Robert Smyth in 1618, but we assume she had a son John Mascall from a previous marriage because in 1618, James left property to his grandson John Mascall (when he turns 21).

2. John bap Lavenham 4 Jan, 1562, who we assume, married Anne Gates 15 Sept, 1594 and it would appear, based on information in James’ Will, that this John and Anne had three sons and one daughter. (It was not uncommon for families to give two sons the same given name.)

  1. Edward bap 19 Oct, 1595 in Lavenham, who must have died prior to 1618 as he is not named in James’ Will.
  2. John the elder, who was named as executor, ‘my grandson John Fuller of Colchester’, in James’ Will.        This John must have been 21 in 1618 to have been named Executor.
  3. John the younger, who is to be paid by his brother (John of Colchester) 20 pounds out of his inheritance.   This John the younger may be John Fuller of Newton b. 1611
  4. Suzan — who is to receive 10 pounds according to James Will.

This is speculation as we do not have documentation to prove this scenario; however the factors above lead us to believe that the Most Probable Ancestral Line for John Fuller of Newton is back to James Fuller of Lavenham.

W. L. Fuller. Aug, 2017