John Fuller – Named in the

Cambridge Town Records

John Fuller was elected as a town officer and appears listed in the Cambridge Town Records(1) as follows:

  1. 1665+66, Surveyor of Highways (p158/163).
  2. 1669, Constable (p181).
  3. 1673/74, Viewer of Fences for the Common Fields in Cambridge Village (p217).
  4. 1675, Constable (p275).

Note: We did not find the name ‘John Fuller’ in the Cambridge Town Records for any town transactions, activities or as an officer for the years 1632-1664.

(1) Town of Cambridge, The Records of the Town of Cambridge (Formerly Newtowne) Massachusetts 1630-1703; The Records of Town Meetings, and of the Selectmen, Comprising all of the First Volume of Records and Being Volume II of the Printed Records of the Town. Printed by order of the city council under the direction of the city clerk (Edward J. Branson); Cambridge, 1901; University Press, John Wilson and Son Cambridge, USA.



PAGE 158

[p71] 1665. At a publ: meeting of the Inhabitants for illag of Conftables & select men &c there were elected for the yeare enfuing

Conftables: Andrew Belcher, John Watson, & Thomas Parkes (Thomas fox chofen in lew of Andrew Belcher)

Townsmen: Capt. Daniel Gookin. Thomas Danforth. Jno Cooper, John fisenden, Thomas fox & mr Edward Jackson.

Surveyors of High ill: Isacke Sternes, Wm Dixon, Robert Browne, __ Ri, Dana ___,  John Fuller.

PAGE 163

“At a meeting of the Inhabitants the 12th of illage, 1666.

Mr William Manning, mr Samuel Andrew, & James Trowbridge, were chofen Constables for the yeare enfueing.

Capt Gookin, Thomas Danforth, Edw Oakes, Jno fissenden, Jno Cooper, & Thomas Fox, were chofen Select men, for the yeare enfueing.

Gilbert Crackbone, Zach Hicks, Jno fuller, Richard Woods, & Isacke Sterns were chofen surveyors of illage.”

PAGE 181

“November th 8 1669 at -A Generall towne meeting for the Choyfe of Cunftabls felect men and furueyors

for Cunftabls: walter haftins, Richard Ecels, John fuller

for felect men: Captaine Gookin, mr illag illage, mr John ftedman, illage Maning, illag fox, John Cooper

furueyors of village: Samuell Gofe, John Addams, daniell bacon, Dauid fifke”

PAGE 217

“March th 9 1673/74 -At a metting of the felect men

to looke after fwine that they bee illa and Ringed weare appointed for the towne: danill Cheauer and Common

for menotime Row: Jeames hubbard

for the farmes towards Concord: John Coller and illag Cutter:

for the illage on the fouth fide of the Riuer: Job hide and illag illage Jur and neere the towne:  Richard dana

for vewers of fences of Common fields:

for the necke fence: John goue and John fledman Junr

for menotime field: John fwane and Nathaniell pattin

for the weft field: Richard Robbins, Amos woodward and John watfon

for the illage:  John fuller and John fpring

and for the fouth fide of the Riuer: Nathaniell fparhauke and famuell Champne”

PAGE 225

“Nouember th 8 1675 -At a publicke meeting of the Inhabitance towne for the Choife of towne officers

for Counflables: illage Maning, illag bregd, John Jackfon, John fuller

for felect men: mr John ftedman, mr Edward Oakes, illag fox, walter haftins, francis More,  John Cooper

furveyors of high ill: for the towne: (illag longhorne); ouer the Riuer: (fteuen francis); for the illage: (Jonathn hide); for the farmes neere Concord: (famuell ftone).”


Paige(2) lists the land owners or homesteaders on his Cambridge Town Plan for the two years of 1635 and 1642 and John Fuller does not appear on either list.

(2) Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge Massachusetts. 1630-1877. with a Genealogical Register, Boston: Published by H.O. Houghton and Company, New York; Hurd and Houghton, Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1877; xv, xvi, xvii.