Lavenham, Suffolk, England, UK

John Fuller of Newton is directly linked to the town of Lavenham, Suffolk, England, UK.

Firstly his wife Elizabeth Cole, was born in Lavenham and baptized in the local church (1 Jan 1622/3). We know the Cole family lived in town as we have the baptism records for all the children as well as the burial records for her father Walter and mother Susanna indicating they were buried in the church yard of St Peter and St Paul Church.  See more information in Family Documents and the Will of Walter Cole

Secondly, John Fuller is linked to Lavenham through his association with Simon Onge.   See his 1678 Letter to the Probate Court and Who is Simon Onge.

In addition we find the following references in local history books.

St Peter and St Paul Parish Church


1. Banks(1) “(Name of Emigrant) John Fuller; (English Parish Name) Lavenham, Suffolk; (New England Town) Cambridge, Massachusetts; (Various/Reference) New England Historic Genealogical Register 49/491.”.


(1) Charles Edward Banks, Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-1650; Emigrants From England to New England ….pp1-189, Edited and Indexed by Elijah Ellsworth Brownell, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1976; Originally published, Philadelphia 1937, p 157.

Book Publisher’s Note

Colonel Banks searched carefully the 41 counties and shires of England, including the City of London, and obtained from the 1,194 parishes in these respective counties, shires and the City of London, the record of 2,885 emigrants to New England for the time of the sailing of the “Mayflower” (1620) to the year 1650, inclusive.

Lavenham, Suffolk, England, UK

2. Coldham(2)“1653, September, Probate of will of Walter Cole of Lavenham, Suffolk, whose daughter Elizabeth married John Fuller of New England (EEAC).”

(2) Peter Wilson Coldham, The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660, Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, 3600 Clipper Mill Rd., Suite 260, sixth printing 2008, p 266.

3. Sumner(3)John Fuller was born in England about 1611, as his death record in Cambridge, Mass., 2-7-1698 (1699?), gives his age as eighty-seven. His wife was Elizabeth, ‘daughter of Walter Cole, a surgeon, of Lavenham, Suffolk, England, whose will, probated on 9-24-1653, mentioned his “daughter Elizabeth, now wife of John Fuller in New England.’ Elizabeth died in Cambridge on 4-13-1700.”

(3) Edith Bartlett Sumner, Ancestry of Edward Wales Blake and Clarissa Matilda Glidden with Ninety Allied Families; Compiled and typed by Edith Bartlett Sumner, 960 South Oxford Avenue, Loss Angeles 6, California; Lithoprinted from Author’s Typescript; Edwards Brothers, Inc., Lithoprinters, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1948, p 100.

Map showing location of Lavenham

4. Waters,(4) “WALTER COLE of Lavenham, Suffolk, barber chirurgion, 13 August 1652, proved 24 September 1653. My will is that Susan my well beloved wife shall have, hold, occupy and enjoy my ……………….and also twenty shillings more unto my daughter Elizabeth the now wife of John Fuller in New England ………..”

(4)Henry F. Waters A.M. Item XX ….Genealogical Gleanings in England, The New-England Historical and Genealogical Register, VOL. XLIX – January, 1895, Boston: Published By: The New-England Historical Genealogical Society. 1895, Page 490/91