All known proven direct male descendants of John Fuller of Newton have the same Y-DNA (except for the standard mutation of one marker) and have the same Haplogroup of I-M253. This has been improved in one descendant to Y4053 (I1a1b1a1e1).

 Wikipedia on 8 February, 2018 reported the following for Haplogroup I-M253:

“According to a study published in 2010, I-M253 originated between 3,170 and 5,000 years ago, in Chalcolithic Europe [Copper Age]. A new study in 2015 estimated the origin as between 3,470 and 5,070 years ago or between 3,180 and 3,760 years ago, using two different techniques. It is suggested that it initially dispersed from the area that is now Denmark.

The haplogroup reaches its peak frequencies in Sweden (52 percent of males in Västra Götaland County) and western Finland (more than 50 percent in Satakunta province). In terms of national averages, I-M253 is found in 35–38 per cent of Swedish males, 32.8% of Danish males, about 31.5% of Norwegian males, and about 28% of Finnish males.”

We also know that the Vikings invaded England starting about 900 AD and brought families and cattle to create settlements along the east coast, especially Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, which is an area where we trace, John of Newton. The king of Denmark, Cnut the Great ruled England 1016-35 and had his coronation in London 1017, and at the same time ruled Norway and Denmark/Sweden. He died in England in 1035 at age 40 and his bones are in Winchester Cathedral in England. 

More and more people around the world are having a DNA test and more tests are being published every day. As of today the published Y-DNA results which are the closest match to our Haplogroup  I-M253 –Y4053 are two people from Norway and one from Finland.

W.L. Fuller

8 Feb. 2018