We know John Fuller of Newton’s DNA



We know his Y-DNA, which is the DNA passed down from John to his sons and to each of their sons, down to today’s Male direct line descendants.




Each of the following has a proven paper trail of Male direct line descendants of John Fuller:

1.   Sebastian8 Fuller (Charles7, Pulaski 6, Sumner5, Joseph4, Josiah3, Jeremiah2, John1 Fuller of Newton)



2.  John Cheever8 Fuller (George Sr7, Nathaniel Jr. 6, Nathaniel Sr5, Josiah Jr4, Josiah Sr3, Jeremiah2, John1 Fuller of Newton)



3.   Roy H8 Fuller (Charles H7, Thomas 6, Charles Sr5, Edward Sr4, Jonathan3, Joseph2, John1 Fuller of Newton)



See DNA Test Results for these three lines plus two additional matches which have not proven their link to John of Newton at this time.