David Fuller of Newton, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA
Petition before the Probate Court, 14 Feb 1826

Middlesex County Probate Court
Reference: Case Number 8729
Final Probate, 14 Feb, 1826, County of Middlesex,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA

(Born 1784   -    Died 12 Jan. 1826)
(David5, David4, Joshua3, Jeremiah2, John1of Newton)

Transcribed by Wayne L. Fuller, Oct. 2016



Feb 14, “To Hon. Samuel P. P. Fay Esq., Judge of the Probate in and for the County of Middlesex. This may certify that it is our desire that Joel Fuller of the Town of Newton and County of Middlesex may be appointed Administrator to the Estate of David Fuller late of said Newton and County aforesaid deceased Intestate and we hope that your Honour will appoint him accordingly”

[signed] Joshua Goodridge and Hannah Goodridge

“To Hon. Samuel P. P. Fay Esq., Judge of the Probate in and for the County of Middlesex. The Memorial of Joel Fuller of Newton in said county, Gentleman. Respectfully represents That David Fuller, Yeoman, who last dwelt in said Newton within six months last has died intestate, possessed of goods and estate remaining to be administered, never having been married and having no father nor mother.

That Hannah Goodridge with the wife of your Petitioner are the [only] next of kin: That the husband of said Hannah has declined the administration & request that your Petitioner be appointed. That the said Petitioner is eligible to the of Admin[istrater] and is ready to give Bond, with sufficient sureties, for the die performance of said trust: Wherefore your memorialist prays, that he may be appointed Asmin[istrater] in manner and form as the law in such case provides.”

[signed]  Joel Fuller


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Middlesex ss. At a Court of Probate, holden at Cambridge in and for said county, on the 14th day of February A.D. 1826

“The foregoing memorial being read and fully understood, and all needful inquiries made relative thereto, it appeared to me, the Judge of said court, that the declarations thereof are true, and that the memorialist is a suitable person to be appointed to the said office of admin[istrator] and is eligible thereto:

It is therefore decreed by me, the said Judge, that the said Petitioner be appointed admin[istrator] with sufficient sureties for the due performance of said trust. In manner and for as the law in such cases provided:

And it is Ordered; that the said Admin[istrater] exhibit upon oath into the Court of Probate in and for said County a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the real estate, goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said David [Fuller] within three months from the date hereof.”

[signed] S P.P. Fay J. Prob.

An Inventory of the Estate of David Fuller in the County of Middlesex Deceased appraised upon by us the subscribers duly appointed to that service by order of the Hon S P P Fay Esq. Judge of Probate of wills, etc. for the county of Middlesex, viz.

[Real Estate]

One half of 13 acres called the Townsend lot @ $30 p acre   $195.00
One half of 10   “         “       “   Morse pasture @ $13.50 67.50
One half of 4 ½ “         “       “   coc Fuller lot on the Island @ $12 27.00
One half of 3 ½ “          “      “   Knap lot @ $21 36.75
One fourth of 5 acres    “      “   Thompson lot @ $22 27.50
One fourth of the Factory lot so called 6 acres @ $25 37.50
The Waltham Lot so called one Acre  @  $365 365.00
One half of the Marsh Lot in Brighton  @  $300 300.00
One half of the Homestead farm and Building @  $1500 1500.00
One fourth of 2 pews in the West precinct Meetinghouse 10.00
One half of a lot of land in the state of Illinois 160 acres 80.00
Personal Estate
1 Large loom $1.25, one chaise & harness $9.00, one grindstone $1.00 11.25
Corn box in shed $0.75, one chain $1.50, one ayeth & snath $0.25 2.50
One Ox Waggon $20, lumber in road $1.25, twenty five chesnut posts $2 23.25
1 stone Pot $1.00, hamer & trace $2.50, one cider barrel $0.65 4.15
1 light stand $0.60, one maple table $2.00, one writing desk $3.00 5.60
contents of Desk $1.25, one looking glass $1.50, 6 chairs @30 cts $1.80 4.55
half a crain shovel & tong, andirons & hamels $2., 1old maple table $0.50 2.50
1 firm table $0.50, 1 Form @0.25, 1 brass $4.00, Iron ware $5.00 9.75
Warming pan $2.50, stone & earthen ware $1.50, tin ware $2.00 7.00
Hot irons & chopping knife $1.00, wooden ware $2.00, meat chest $0.50 3.50
grease $2.00, lead weights $0.25, cleaver & knife $0.60, coffee mill $0.25 3.10
One bedstead & bed $2.00, wooden measures $0.50, Carpenter tools $0.75 3.25
Baskets & pails $0.60, hand saw $1.00, lether hosse, $1.50, 1 trunk $1.75 3.85
1 French iron and bayonet, $3.00, rifle gun $5.00, stuff in entry $2 10.00
three loin 0.25, things in closet $0.25, potatoes $9.00, half barrel soap $2 11.50
Casks in cellar $4.00, Vinegar $1.00, cider $3.00. fork & tub $1.75 9.75
Contents/chest $1, 1 chest $1, 1 round table $.0.50, 1 cherry table $2 4.50
Sheets & table cloths $10, 1 chest $0.25, China ware $4, glass ware $2 16.25
Cooking ware $1.50, knives/forks $2, wooden ware in chamber $0.75 4.25
 Amount bro[ught] over 2786.75
10 milk pans & 1 tin pail $4.00, 1 feather & bedding $18.00 22.00
bedstead & cover $2, light stand $0.25, bed & bedding $10 12.25
bedstead & cover $0.25, Old lumber in garnet $5, English hay $30 35.25
Stalks & husks $4.50, swail hay $3, barley straw $2.50 10.00
1 Ox yoke $0.75, fork/rake 0.50, half an ox cart $2.50, 1 ox sled $2 5.75
Old cow $15.50, best cow $20, shed $3, chain mower $5, 1 plough $1.50 45.00
Sleigh tac $0.25, cask/nails $2, old lumber in shop $2, 2 iron bars $2 6.25
1 lock $.025, 1 bed/pillows $10, coverlet & blanket $9, Andirons $0.50 19.75
2 bottles $0.50, broad axe 1.50, narrow axe $0.50, ashes kettle $0.60 3.10
Old iron $6, steel traps $4, 1 silver watch $14, shaving tools $1.25 25.25
butter $4.50, the deceased’s wearing apparel $18 22.50
Bank stock on state bank $780 780.00
One note of hand signed by Samuel Brigham principle & int[erest] 110.68
One ditto signed John Chiller, Timothy Hoar, Ralph Wood, princ & int 227.73
One note of hand signed by James C Kent, principle & Interest 15.18
One note of hand signed by George Stearns 3.70
One note of hand signed by George Murdock 104.50
One note of hand signed by Geo Murdock 226.79
One note of hand signed by Peter Ross 4.29
A lot of hammered stone at Waltham 155 feet 65.55
  [Total] ………………………………………………… $4532.27


Newton Feby 2d
Henry Craft                )
James Fuller               )     Appraisers
Ephraim Jackson 2d   )


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Middlesex SS. At a Court of Probate, holden at Cambridge in and for said County, the 14th day of Feb[ruar]y A.D. 1826

The foregoing [Inventory] having been duly returned, and this day exhibited, on oath, by Joel Fuller the Admin[istrator] of the estate of said deceased, as a true and perfect inventory of all the estate of said deceased, that has hitherto come to his hands, possession, or knowledge; and the said Admin[istrator] having made oath, that if any further estate of said deceased shall hereafter come to his possession or knowledge, he will render a just and true account thereof into the Probate Office, to be of record herewith; it is therefore decreed by the Judge of said court now here, that the same be and it is hereby accordingly accepted, and order to be recorded.

[signed] S P. P. Fay        J. Prob.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Middlesex SS. At a Court of Probate, holden at Cambridge in and for said County, the 14th day of February A.D. 1826

Having made all needful inquiries, touching the forgoing petition, [from Joel Fuller asking the courts approval to have the entire estate sold at public sale] and fully understanding the same, it appears to the Judge of said court, that the prayer thereof ought to be granted.  It is therefore decreed by the said Judge, now here, that the personal estate of said deceased be sold at public sale as therein prayed for.

[Note: no mention of the Real Estate and further information on distribution on file]

[signed] S P. P. Fay        J. Prob.




New England Historic Genealogical Society, Middlesex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1648-1871.   New England Historic Genealogical Society, online database, 2014.  From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, Boston, MA, USA.