John Fuller of Newton

Father of John’s wife, (Elizabeth Cole)

Walter Cole’s Will, Dated August 13, 1652

The Complete Will

Will Summary:
“WALTER COLE of Lavenham, Suffolk, barber chirurgion, 13 August 1652, proved 24 September 1653. My will is that Susan my well beloved wife shall have, hold, occupy and enjoy my messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell &c., situate in the High street in the borough of Lavenham, for term of her natural life; and after her decease it shall remain unto Anne my daughter now wife of Abraham Nellson, for term of the natural life of Abraham Nellson, aforesaid, of Colchester, my son in law, and term of the natural life of my daughter Anne his wife; then to their son Abraham Nellson my nephew. But the said Anne my daughter shall pay unto my daughter Jane the now wife of Thomas Day of Colchester, Essex, fifteen pounds, within a year after the decease of Susan my wife, and also twenty shillings more unto my daughter Elizabeth the now wife of John Fuller in New England, to be paid within three years after the decease of Susan my wife. I give to my daughter Susan the now wife of William Death of Lavenham five shillings, to be paid her with one month after the decease of Susan my wife. The residue I give to my said wife whom I make sole executrix. (Brent, 389.)”(1)

“[Editor:(H.F. Waters) John Fuller of Cambridge, who “settled on the south side of the river, now Newton, about 1644, and was an extensive landholder,” had a wife Elizabeth, and they may be the persons mentioned by Walter Cole in his will. John Fuller died February 7, 1698. His widow Elizabeth died April 13, 1700. (Paige’s History of Cambridge, Mass. P. 556, and S.C.Clarke’s Fuller Genealogy, p. 3.)]” (1)


(1)   Henry F. Waters A.M.  Item XX ….Genealogical Gleanings in England, The New-England Historical and Genealogical Register, VOL. XLIX – January, 1895, Boston: Published by the New-England Historical Genealogical Society. 1895, Page 490/91