Ancestral Fuller Lines

The Most Likely Ancestral Line for John Fuller of Newton

February, 2017 ——— February, 2020

During our review of the court records in 2017 and early in 2018, we discovered that John Fuller of Newton had been involved in two court cases regarding a land dispute – Fuller vs Onge.

We came to the conclusion that these two trials set and clarified the law regarding possession of land that remains today. See more about these court cases.

Researching the material regarding the Fuller vs Onge made us wonder – who was Simon Onge.

When we found that Simon Onge was born in Lavenham,  the research became more interesting. During the research we looked at the Probate records for Simon Onge and there we discovered a letter from John to the Probate Court date 14 Dec 1678, which we first published (we assume for the first time ever) on 14 Sept 2017 on our website, where it remains today. See the letter and find out about Simon Onge

Based on the above information, as well as the Will of James Fuller we came to the conclusion that the most likely Ancestral Line for John Fuller of Newton is back through his father John (b. Lavenham 1562) and grandfather James Fuller (d. Lavenham 1622) ……  See Most Likely Ancestral Line