Three John Fullers

FULLER family researchers know that there were three individuals by the name of ‘John Fuller’ who immigrated to New England between 1620 and 1650, from England.  Many websites and some history books have confused the details and lives of these three John Fullers, thus sparking many scenarios. Today, DNA has proved at least one of the early theories to be incorrect and together with historical facts help separate the details of the lives of these early settlers.

See Conflicting Information.

Charles Pope, in his 1900 Pioneers of Massachusetts, may be the first to identify that there were Three John Fullers who immigrated to New England prior to 1650, and William Hyslop Fuller’s Vol. III of 1914, corrected much of information and solved some of the mystery surrounding John of Newton by added more specific details and more information on ‘some’ of the descendants of John and his family.

Some details of each of the Three John Fullers can be seen in the following:

  1. John Fuller of Cambridge/Newton ….  
  1. John Fuller of Ipswich  ….
  1. John Fuller of Boston/Lynn ….