John Fuller of Boston / Lynn

Name: John Fuller Sr., Lieut. 

Born: ca1621, Parish of Olney, Buchinghamshire, England

Immigrated: 1639, Boston, Massachusetts

Resident: August 1639, Lynn, Massachusetts

Married: 1646, Elizabeth Farrington, Lynn, Massachusetts

Will: Written 15 Sept. 1693

Died: 6 April 1695, Lynn, Massachusetts

Probate: 11 Nov 1695  (No. 10384)



Pope(1) [FULLER] John, joiner, Boston, bought land at Lynn 9 (6) 1639, to be paid for by Edward Fuller of Olney, Bucks. [L.] See will of Edward, John’s father, prob. 20 Sept. 1656. [Reg. L, 533.] He testified at Salem 25 (2) 1651, ae. 30 years, concerning his bro. Dexter’s sale of Lady Moody’s farm.

Fuller(2) “John Fuller of Lynn came to Boston in 1630.” (H. W. Brainard’s Mss.) Pope in his “Pioneers of Massachusetts” says John Fuller, joiner, Boston, bought land in Lynn, 9 (6) 1639, to be paid for by Edward Fuller of Olney, Bucks, England, and refers to will of Edward Fuller, probated Sept. 20, 1656. Pope also states that John testified in a case in Salem, 25 (2) 1651, aged 30 years. Brainard’s Mss. states that John Fuller was Representative from Lynn in 1655, and again in 1674-1678 ; was Lieutenant in King Phillip’s war, and refers to the Essex Historical Collections, Vol. 6, and the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 50, as his authorities.

The published Vital Records of Lynn give date of his death Apr. 6. 1695 and his marriage in 1646 to Elizabeth Farrington, b. 1627, dau. Of Edward Farrington, b. 1588, in Olney, England.

Banks(3) (Name of Emigrant) John Fuller; (English Parish Name) Olney, Buchinghamshire; (New England Town) Boston, Massachusetts; (Various/Reference) Thomas Lechford’s Notebook, 1885.

Coldham(4) In October 1650 John Gifford set out for New England in the Fellowship of New Haven to replace Richard Leader as manager of the ironworks… While he was in New England Gifford was arrested and imprisoned and made to return home but returned there in 1658. Dispositions by John Fuller of Lynn, New England, husbandman, aged 38; ….

Anderson(5) – Volume I (A-B), Samuel Bennett,

Page 259, In July 1645 Samuel Bennett was presented for ‘saying scornfully that he cared neither for the town nor its order’ [EQC 1:82]. (This item……., but the two ‘witnesses’ were Allan Bread and John Fuller, both Lynn residents).

– Volume I (A-B), Richard Brooks,

Page 405, In August of 1639, ‘Rich[ard] Brooks of Lynn’ was to pay 40s to John Fuller of Lynn [Lechford 153].

– Volume II (C-F), Edmund Farrington,

Page 495, On 22 May 1666, ‘Edmund Farrington of Linn ….yeoman,’ deeded to ‘my son Mathew Farrington the one-half of my cornmill with the utensils thereto belonging, with all the profits, ……except the toll of my son Fuller’s grist, which is well & dully to be ground toll free during the life of my daughter Elizabeth, his wife. …….., in return for which Mathew Farrington will maintain his father and mother for the rest of their lives, and pay to my son John Fuller, his heirs or assigns, the sum of ten pounds sterling at my decease.’ [ELR 2:122].

Page 497, Children: vi ELIZABETH [Farrington], bp. Olney 19 September 1624 ‘[TAG: 73:121]’; m. by about 1648 John Fuller (daughter Elizabeth b. Lynn 31 May 1652 and Edward “third son,” b. Lynn 12 January 1654, so at least two children b. before 1652).

– Volume III (G-H), George Griggs,

Page 158, Associations: George Griggs, his wife and children were one of several families which migrated from Olney, Buckinghamshire, and vicinity, in association with their minister, William Worcester {1639, Salisbury}. These families are John Cooper {1635, Lynn} [GM 2:2:202-4], Edmund Farrington {1635, Lynn} [GM 2:2:494-98], John Fuller {1639, Boston}, William Gaines {1638, Lynn}, Nathaniel Kirtland {1635, Lynn, Philip Kirtland {1635, Lynn}, Anthony Newhall {1638, Lynn}, Thomas Newhall {1638, Lynn}, William Partridge {1638, Lynn}, Henry Pierson {1639, Lynn} and William Purrier {1635, Lynn} [TAG 64:193-202, 65:65-69, 73:119-22].

Vital Records(6)

Births: FULLER; John, eldest s. John & Elizabeth; Jan 3, 1647.

Marriages: FULLER; John, and Elizabeth Farrington, ____ __, 1646. PR4.

Deaths: FULLER; John, June 29, 1666. PR4.

Deaths: FULLER; John, Lt, Apr. 29, 1695.

Lewis(7) John Fuller — came from England, with his brother Samuel, in 1630, and when they arrived in Boston, “only seven huts were erected.” After residing there several years, Samuel went to Scituate, and John, in 1644, came to Lynn, and settled at the western end of Waterhill street. He was chosen representative in 1655, and clerk of the writs, in 1662. He died 29 June, 1666. The name of his wife was Elizabeth, and he had five children — Lieut. John Fuller, who married Elizabeth Farrington, and died 24 April, 1695; William; Susanna; Elizabeth; James. Several of his descendants have borne respectable offices, and some of them remain.

Savage(8) John, Lynn 1644, may be the same as preced. [ed: John of Ipswich] was rep. 1655 and 64, had s. John, William, and James, and d. 29 June 1666.

John, Lynn, s. of the first John of the same, was rep. 1674, and four yrs. in succ. was a lieut. d. 26 Apr. 1695, had s. John; Thomas; Ed ward; Elisha, b. 5 Apr. 1657; Joseph, 1 Nov. 1661; and Benjamin, 16 Dec. 1665; at wh. time his w. was Eliz.


p4, The Fullers of Lynn of the planting days, John and his son Ensign or Lieutenant John, were of the Church and Magistery class, and hence more apt to be on the plaintiff than the defendant list.

p5, It is recorded that John Fuller came from England in 1630 with his brother, Samuel, and when they arrived in Boston, only seven huts were erected. History of Lynn by Lewis (1829, page 83.) Nearly a century has elapsed since Mr. Lewis wrote. Later researchers eliminated Samuel but add interest to the story of John Fuller by tracing him to the Old Home in the historic Town of Olney, Buckinghamshire, the residence of his father Edward.

We abstract from: (Waters Gleamings Vol. 2. P. I240-1) “Edward Fuller of Olney Bucks, [Buckinghamshire] yeoman, 22 Aug. 1656, proved 20 Sept. 1656. To my eldest son John Fuller my house, cottage or tenement in Olney, with the arable land etc., belonging, wherein I now dwell, next the cottage or tenement there now, or late Robert Martin on the one side.

p6, John Fuller, the eldest son of the above testator, was that John Fuller of Boston in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay from whom the well known family of Fuller of Lynn are descended.

p7, The Fullers evidently found favor with the Farringtons, for John, Jr., married in 1646, Elizabeth, the daughter of Edmund Farrington, and when Edmund as all prudent men ought, made his will and gave half of his corn mill to his son Mathew, he made a proviso “except the tole of my son ffuller’s grists, which is well and truly to be ground tole free, during the life of my daughter Elizabeth”.

John Fuller, the Planter, did other good things for Lynn besides marrying his some to the Miller’s daughter and leaving behind him a family that faithfully cherishes his name and virtues.

p8, He was sworn constable of Lynn at Salem Court 28:4:1653.

p11, John Fuller was the last person in Lynn to hold the name and office of Clerk of the Writs. He appears to have continued in that honorable position till 1666, the year of his death………



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