John Fuller of Ipswich

Baptized: 19 May 1617, Chelmsford, Essex, England, UK

Migration: 4 May – 10 July, 1635 on the Abigail, from London, UK

First Residence: Ipswich, Massachusetts

Married: abt. 1644 Elizabeth Emerson

Died: 4 June 1666, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Probate: 25 Sept 1666

Brother: William Fuller, Baptized 22 Jan 1609/10, d. 26 May 1690, Hampton, no issue.

Father: William Fuller, Chelmsford, UK, Locksmith; 1639 Will (158/BW/55)




Pope(1) [FULLER] John, came in the Abigail in May, 1635, with William F. Settled at Ipswich, 1637; rem. to Salisbury, but ret. about 1648 to Ips. Wife Elizabeth; ch. John, James, William, Thomas, Nathaniel, Joseph, Susanna, Elizabeth, Sarah. He d. June 4, 1666; will prob. Sept. 25, 1666. His will not dated, prob. 25 Sept. 1666, beq. to wife; to ch. James, William, John, Susanna, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nathaniel, Joseph and Sarah; another ch. expected. Their gr. father had lately given them portions. James, exec; and he is to have a double portion of any est. that may be recovered in England.

Fuller(2) John Fuller, aged about 15 years, came to America on the ship Abigail, May 4, 1635, from England, with his brother William, aged about 25 years. William Fuller, according to Pope’s “Pioneers of Massachusetts,” “settled in Ipswich; proprietor in 1635; appointed gunsmith by the General Court in 1637; married 1639; sold house and land 1639; removed to Concord; from June 2, 1641, kept the mill; child Hannah b. 8 (6) 1641 ; wife Elizabeth d. 24 (5) 1642. Perhaps he is the William Fuller, locksmith, who bought land at Hampton 9 (12) 1647.” Other authorities call him “William of Hampton” and state that he died childless.

John settled in Ipswich and married Elizabeth Emerson, daughter of Thomas Emerson, who came to America in 1638, settled in Ipswich, and died there May 1, 1681, aged 81.

John Fuller removed to Salisbury about 1639, but returned to Ipswich before 1648, and was town survivor in 1663; commissioner in 1664, and owned land near Rocky Hill. He died June 4, 1666, at Ipswich, and his widow married, between 1666 and 1672, Thomas Perrin. His will was proved Sept. 25. 1666, and names sons John and William, “who have been sufficiently supplied by their uncle,” daughters Susannah and Elizabeth,—”their grandfather hath early given them a portion”; names wife, sons James, Thomas, Nathaniel, Joseph, daughter Sarah, and a child unborn, to have one seventh each, with wife and son James as executors.

Coldham(3) – 1635 – 4 May – 10 July. Passengers transported [from London] to New England in the ‘Abigail’, Mr. Richard [elsewhere Robert] Hackwell: Thomas Buttolph 32 and his wife Ann; William Fuller 25; John Fuller 15…………….

Felt(4) FIRST SETTLERS. Besides the preceding individuals are those on the following list, having the years, up to 1652, when they are first met with, as belonging to Ipswich. 1834, Fuller, John; 1835, Fuller, Wm.

Anderson(5) The Great Migration, Volume II (C-F).

Page 598, John Fuller; Origin-Unknown; Migration-1635 on the Abigail; First Residence-Ipswich. First inventory of the estate of John Fuller, taken 29 June 1666, totalling £344 17s, of which ……

Estate: In his will, updated, but proved 25 September 1666, John Fuller. Being of ‘weak body.’ Bequeathed to ‘my son John’ ………

Page 599, [John Fuller], Birth: about 1620 (aged 15 in 1635 ‘[Hotten 73’; deposed 10 May 1660 ‘aged about thirty-nine years’ ‘[EQC 2:199]’]’. Death: Ipswich 4 June 1666. Marriage: By about 1644 Elizabeth Emerson, daughter of Thomas Emerson, ………

Page 600, Associations: Brother of William Fuller {1635, Ipswich}; Comments: On 4 May 1635, ‘Jo[hn] Fuller, aged 15 years, was enrolled at London for passage to New England on the Abigail ‘[Hotten 73]’.

On 4 May 1635, ‘Jo[hn] Fuller’, aged 15 years, was enrolled at Lontdon for passage to New England on the Abigail [Hotten 73]. (Banks misread this entry as ‘Joseph Fuller’ [Planters 164].) Immediately preceding John Fuller on this same list appeared ‘W[illia]m Fuller,’ aged 25 years [Hotten 73].

Publications: Leslie Mahler, “The English Origin of John and William Fuller of Ipswich, Massachusetts,” The American Genealogist 77 (2002):267-70. Mahler exploits a will previously published in abbreviated form to demonstrate that the brothers William Fuller and John Fuller were both baptized in Chelmsford, Essex, and provides them with two generations of agnate ancestry.

Everett(6) The following account of John Fuller and his descendants has been gathered from the town and church records of Ipswich and probate records of Essex county, with but little attempt to follow lives of removing families. ….it would appear that our John was the brother of William Fuller of Ipswich 1637, who removed in 1639 to Hampton, N.H. and has been identified as a passenger aged 25 years in the ‘Abigail’ May 4, 1635; and as son of Roger Fuller of Topcroft, County Norfolk, England. John Fuller, born in England, died June 4, 1666 in Ipswich, Mass.; m. __ Elizabeth Emerson of Ipswich, daughter of Thomas Emerson.

Savage(7) John, Ipswich 1634, perhaps one of the first sett, at Salisbury 1639 or 40.

Essex Wills(8) 1639 William, locksmith, Chelmsford,– (158/BW/55).  “…..In case my two sons William Fuller & John Fuller which are now in New England do ever return from thence, then my son George Fuller shall give £10 to John and £5 to William……”

Chelmsford Parish Records(9) – Baptism Records – 22 Jan 1609/10 – William son of William Fuller; 19 May 1617 – John son of William Fuller of Chelmsford Locksmyth.

Hotten(10)  –  4th Maij 1635 – Ye Port of London.  Theis v[u]ender-written names [ages] are to be transported to New-England: imbarqued in the Abigall  Richard Hackwell Mr.: The p[ar]ties have brought Certificate from ye Minister of Justices of their conformitie to the orders of discipline of the Church of England

Tho: Buttolph ………32                                              Nathaniell Tylly ………………32
Ann Buttolph ……….24                                              Peter Kettell …………………..10
Wm  Fuller ………..25                                             Tho: Steevens …………………12
Jo: Fuller …………15                                              Eliz: Harding ………………….12



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