John Fuller of Newton, 2022

  1. We do not have a documented date or place of birth for John, nor do we have a marriage date, even though we know that he married Elizabeth Cole, likely in England.
  2. We also do not have a birth date for their first three children, though the most likely place is in England (1645-1651).
  3. We do not have an immigration date even though John of Newton is listed in the early history books of Newton, as one of the Ancestral Fullers, who immigrated to New England prior to 1650; you will note that the authors of the early history books of Newton, MA confused his immigration

    First Settlers Monument

    date with that of John Fuller of Ipswich.

  4. The first documented record of the family living in New England was the birth of their fourth child, Joseph, on 10 Feb 1652.
  5. We did not find John’s name in the Cambridge town records 1632-1664.
  6. John’s birth date, of 1611, has been used in the history books of Newton and sources indicate this birth date was calculated from the information on his grave stone. We do not have that stone today, but it is reported to have said that he died Feb. 7, 1697/8 aged about 87 years. See page two…  
  7. John’s name is on the West side of the “First Settlers Monument” in the East Parish Burying Grounds in Newton, MA, which also indicates a settlement date in Newton (Cambridge) area of 1644 and a death date of 1698 at age 87. 
  8. Because of the above information, we do not have a formal documented ancestral line for John. However, because of our extensive research, we have a most likely Ancestral Line.