Grave Stone of John Fuller

East Parish Burying Ground, Newton, MA (Centre Street Cemetery)

The explanation for the Granite Grave Stone Marker for John Fuller currently located in the East Parish Burying Ground can be found in this 1892 News Paper Notice from the Newton Journal.

Apparently Charles F. Read found John’s stone to be in perfect condition, except it was detached from the ground and leaning against another stone. He proposed and apparently carried out a project to place the loose stone into a new Granite base to perpetuate for many years more the name of one of the original settlers of Newton.




The original stone is now missing leaving only the empty granite base today.

Note: the footstone leaning against the granite base in this picture does not belong to John Fuller.





Fuller, John, d. Feb 7, 1697/8, 87y, Plot 337

See page 2 of “Judge Abraham Fuller and Ancestors”

Here lyeth buried
ye body of
John Fuller
aged about 87 years
Died February ye 7


Public Request

If you have a picture of the original stone, please forward that picture via the E-mail Contact button on this website.

Also if you know the whereabouts of the original stone … these descendants will ensure that it is properly installed and attached to the current granite base.