West Parish Burying Ground, Newton, MA 

Grave Stone Inscriptions – Listed per Interments

West Parish Burying Ground


DESCENDENTS (and spouses) of John Fuller of Newton reported to be buried in the West Parish Burying Ground:

Fuller, ?, d. 1822, “first name unknown”, Plot J

Fuller, Abigail, d. Sep 30, 1796, widow Ensign Josiah Fuller, 84y, Plot 82

In memory of
the widow Abigail Fuller
Relict of Ensn. Josiah Fuller;
who departed this Life
Septr. 30th 1796.
Aged 84 years 


Fuller, Anna (Mrs.), d. Oct 6, 1778, Relict to Joshua (Capt) Fuller, 61y, Plot 67

Here lie inter’d
the remains of
Mrs. Anna Fuller
Relict to
Captain Joshua Fuller
Who died Octr. ye 6th
1778, in ye 61st Year
of her age.

In thy fair book of Life Divine,
My God inscribe my name;
There let it fill some humble place.
Beneath the slaughter’d lamb.


Fuller, Betsy (Miss), d. May 20, 1807, d/o Dea. Joseph & Joanna Fuller, 25y, Plot 89

In the memory of
Miss. Betsy Fuller,
Daug. of Deac. Joseph &
Mrs. Joanna Fuller,
who died May 20 1807,
Æt. 25.

Here stop young Friend & take a second view.
The dust beneath was once belov’d as you.
Paternal love and nuptial hope combin’d
To hold her longer but she ________.


Fuller, Capt. Joshua, d. Aug 23, 1777, 75y, Plot 68

Here lie inter’d
the Remains of
Capt.. Joshua Fuller
who died Augt. ye 23d
1777; in ye 75th year of his Age.

Naked as from the Earth we came
And crept to Life at first;
We to the Earth return again
And mingle with our dust.

Fuller, Catherine, d. Jun 3, 1777, w/o Lieut. Joshua Fuller of Newton, 30y, Plot 63

In Memory of
Wife of
Lieut. Joshua Fuller.
of Newton. she died
June ye 3d, 1777. in ye 30th
Year of her Age.
[Her son Henry, is on the same stone]


Fuller, David & Ezra, Tomb 1811, Plot/Section I


Fuller, David, d. Sep 5, 1853, 31y, Plot 78

died, Sept. 5, 1853
Aged 31 years


Fuller, Dea. Joel, d. Dec 18, 1848, 62y, Plot 76

died Decm. 18, 1848,
aged 62 years.


Fuller, Eliza J., b. Feb 11, 1819, d. Mar 29, 1876, widow Henry Fuller, Plot 72

Wife of Henry Fuller
died March 29, 1876
aged 76 years


Fuller, Elizabeth (Mrs.), d. Aug 19, 1819, Relect of Dea. Joseph Fuller, 55y, Plot 87

To the Memory of
Relict of
Deac. Joseph Fuller;
who died Aug. 19, 1819.
Æt. 55.

Can we regret that from the scene of woe,
the long affliction she sustain’d below.
[Heaven called her spirit from the dark abode,
To the bright mansion of the Saviour God.]


Fuller, Emeline, Oct. 11, 1805, d/o Benjamin & Sukey Fuller, 9m 11d, 332

In Memory of
Daughter of Benjn
Sukey Fuller,
who died Oct. 11, 1805
Æt. 9 months
11 days


Fuller, Ensign Josiah, d. May 10, 1793, 83y, Plot 83

In memory of
Ensign Josiah Fuller
who departed this life
May 10th 1793: Aged 83.

Friend quit this Stone and look above the skies,
The dust lies here but virtue never dies.


Fuller, Ezra & David, Tomb 1811, Plot/Section I


Fuller, Frances, d. Aug 4, 1829, w/o Jeremiah Fuller, 25y, Plot 84

wife of
Jeremiah Fuller
Aug. 4, 1829.
Æt. 25


Fuller, Henry, d. Jan 19, 1845, 28y, Plot 73

died Jan 19, 1845
aged 28 years


Fuller, Henry, d. Jun 23, 1777, s/o Lieut. Joshua & Catherine Fuller, 4y, Plot 63

HENRY, Son to Lieut. Joshua
& Catharine Fuller,
died June ye 23d 1777
Aged 4 Years.
[Mother Catharine is on the same stone]


Fuller, Jacob, d. Oct 18, 1778, s/o Lieut. Joshua & Catherine Fuller, 3y, Plot 62

Jacob Fuller.
Son to Lieut. Joshua
Fuller & Mrs.
Catharine his Wife
died Octr. 18th,, 1778
in ye 3d Year of
his Age.


Fuller, James, Tomb B



Fuller, Jeremiah, d. Jan 27, 1828, 31y, Plot 85

Jan. 27, 1828.
Æt. 31.


Fuller, Joanna (Mrs.), d. Jul 25, 1784, w/o Mr. Joseph Fuller, 33y, Plot 88

Here lie interred
the Remains of
Mrs. Joanna Fuller,
wife of Mr. Joseph Fuller
who departed this life July
the 25th 1784 in the 33d year
of her age.

By the decree of God who is infinitely just
The kind Wife & the tender Mother lies mouldering in dust.


Fuller, Josiah, Tomb 1817, Plot/Section 197


Fuller, Lieut. John, d. Jun 21, 1786, 63y, Plot 109

lie interred
the remains of
Lieut. John Fuller,
who departed this
life June 21st 1786.
aged 63 years.


Fuller, Lydia (Miss), d. Oct 23, 1802, d/o Daniel & Lydia Fuller, 42y, Plot 113

In Memory of
Miss Lydia Fuller
Daughter of Mr. Daniel
& Mrs. Lydia Fuller
Who died
October 23, 1802
Æt. Age 42 y


Fuller, Martha, d. Sep 3, 1841, 16y, Plot 75

died Sept [3], [1841]
aged 16 years


Fuller, Minda, d. Mar 18, 1818, 22y, Plot 86

To the Memory of
Miss Minda Fuller,
who died
March 18, 1818:


Fuller, Nathaniel, no dates, Tomb C



Fuller, Ruth (Mrs.), d. Aug 7, 1784, consort Capt. Edward Fuller, 43y, Plot 95

In memory of
Mrs. Ruth Fuller
Consort of
Capt. Edward Fuller.
who died Augt. 7th. 1784.
aged 43 years.


Fuller, Sarah, d. Sep 12, 1867, w/o Dea. Joel Fuller, 80y, Plot 77

Wife of Deac. Joel Fuller
died Sept. 13, 1867
aged 80 years


Fuller, Winslow, d. Aug 24, 1828, 12y, Plot 74

died Aug. 24, 1828
aged 12 years


Durell, Ruth (Fuller) (Mrs.), d. Nov 18, 1798, w/o Peter Durell, 69y, Plot 105

In memory of
Mrs. Ruth Durell
Wife of Mr. Peter Durell
who died Novr. 18th, 1798;
aged 69 years.

Jesus can make a dying bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are,
While on his breast I lean my head,
[And breathe my life out sweetly there.]


Miller, Tabitha (Fuller) (Mrs.), d. Jun 15, 1787, Relict Mr. Thomas Miller, 53y, Plot 107

In memory of
Mrs. Tabitha Miller,
Relict of Mr. Thomas Miller
She died June 15th 1787.
Aged 53 years.