Parents of Elizabeth Cole, wife of John Fuller

Walter Cole and Susanna Northfield

Marriage Record, dated January 30, 1609

From the Parish Records of Great Saxham, Suffolk, UK

The discovery of the a Marriage Entry in the Parish Register for St. Andrew Church in village of  Great Saxham for Susanna Northfield on LDS film No. 952199 was exciting but came with mixed blessings. The record, as you can see below, clearly shows that her new husband’s name is Randall Cole and not Walter Cole.

1609 Marriage Record from LDS tape #952199

However, it may be reasonable to accept this record as the marriage record for Walter Cole and Susanna Northfield when considering the following:

  1. We know Walter Cole is the father of Elizabeth, wife of John Fuller, per his will.
  2. We know from christening records that Walter Cole and Susan(na) were the parents of several children christened after 1609 in Lavenham, Suffolk, UK,  including Elizabeth.
  3. The marriage license for Walter and Susanna is dated six days prior to this marriage record. Also see that link for the correct spelling of ‘Northfield’.
  4. The marriage license names Great Saxham as the home of Susanna Northfield and therefore we may expect that she would be married there.
  5. We have found no other marriage record for these two people.
  6. We can see on this record that Susan Northfield married a Randall Cole in the Great Saxham Church on January 30, 1609.
  7. We therefore assume that ‘Walter’ was a nickname and ‘Randall’ was his birth name.

Transcription of the Original Document

Transcribed from the Original Document

Images from the Parish Records of Great Saxham, Suffolk, UK

Great Saxham Parish Book from LDS tape #952199

Parish Record Book Saxham Magna (Great)








Walter Cole and Susanna Northfield were married at St. Andrew Church, Great Saxham

St Andrew at Great Saxham

St Andrew at Great Saxham

We understand that not much has changed to the inside of this church since 1609