John Fuller of Newton

John Fuller Petition to the Governor & Council, 3 December 1675

To the honored Governor and Deputy Governor and the rest of the honored Council now sitting in Boston: December the 3th 75

The humble request and petition of your humble suppleken [supplicant] John Fuller living in Cambridge

1675 petition, p1

Village on the South Side of Charles River in a remoute farm from neighbors and have a great estate lieing in Land and housing corne and cattel and hay. I have also fortified my house at my own charge which hath cost mee several pounds and also two of my sons have bin in the service of the Country near this eighteen weekes and one not yet come whom and more of my help is in a likely way to go and I am like to be left with labor and no helpe.

Thou following humble request to this honored Council is that you would be pleased to grant mee liberty to keep the rest of my helpe at whom and also liberty to heier some other at my own charges.

if not I shall be forsed to remove which I humbbly consceed will be great damages not only to my self but also to ye Country in generall.

For I can not move my housing nor my corne and cattel and hay without much trobell and damages the

1675 petition, p2

winter is soon come on and to leve my house empty with a fortification about it. I humbly consider it will be a refuge for the Indians if they should come to shelter there in.

But I do not intend to trobell this honored council with much. I leave it to your good consideration to doo as God in his wisdom shall giveth you and so I rest your humble subject and suppleken.

John Fuller Senior: Dated the 3th of the 10th month 1675. [Note: Month one = March; so this is Dec 3, 1675]


[Court Order]

9th December 1675.

It is ordered that the petitioner shall not have more then two of his sons in the service at one time and the rest shall be free from impressment and that he shall have liberty to hire at free will what other men required at his own charge.

By ye Council Edw. Rawson Clerk;


Source: MA. State Archives – Military Records, Vol. 68, 85a.