Information We Know About John of Newton

Early Dates for John, Elizabeth and their Children

Documentation (see documents)

1622/3  Jan 1, Elizabeth Cole Baptism Record from Lavenham Parish Church, UK

1652    Aug 13, Walter Cole Will (Lavenham, UK) where he states “my daughter Elizabeth   the now wife of
John Fuller in New England.”

1655    Dec. 8, Nicholas Davison of Charleston sold to John Fuller, 9 acres of land in Watertown for £44.

1657    May 15, John Fuller of Cambridge sold 9 acres of land in Watertown to Richard Sanger for £46.

1658    Dec 22, Joseph Cook sold to John Fuller of Cambridge, 750 acres of land on & south of the
Charles River for £160.

1676    April 13, John Macoone sold to John Fuller of Cambridge, 22 acres of land & buildings in
Cambridge and 5 acres of land near the Falls on the Charles River for £60.

1678    Letter from John of Newton to the Probate Court, Middlesex, Massachusetts

 In a Letter dated Dec 14, 1678, John Fuller informed the Probate Court that the 22 acres of land in Simon Onge’s estate inventory was his land and that he only allowed Simon Onge the right to live on the land during his lifetime.


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Documentation per State of Massachusetts Vital Records

Birth, TOWN OF CAMBRIDGE per Vital Records of Cambridge, MA to 1850

1645    No Entry for  John Jr.

1647    No Entry for Elizabeth.

1648    No Entry for  Jonathan.

1652    Joseph, s. Jno and Elizabeth, Feb. 10, 1652.

1654    Joshuah, s. Jno and Elizabeth, Feb. 16, 1654.

1658    Jeremiah, s. John and Elizabeth, Mar. 4, 1658.

1661    Bethia, d. John and Elizabeth, Nov. 23, 1661.

1665    Isacke, s. John and Elizabeth, Dec. 2, 1665.

Note: The Record Book of the First Church of Cambridge [1632-1830] shows no early record of the John Fuller family.


Birth, TOWN OF NEWTON per Vital Records of Newton, MA to 1850 († indicates town record)

John, s. John and Elizabeth, ––– ––, 1645.†  

Elizabeth, ch. John and Elizabeth, – –, – (? b. after ch. b. – –, 1645).†

Jonathan, ch. John and Elizabeth, ––– ––, 1648.†  

Joseph, s. John and Elizabeth, Feb. 10, 1652.†

Joshua, ch. John and Elizabeth, Feb. 16, 1654.†

Jeremiah, ch. John and Elizabeth, Mar. 4, 1658.†

Bethia, ch. John and Elizabeth, Nov. 23, 1661.†

Isaac, ch. John and Elizabeth, Dec. 2, 1665.†

Documentation (Local History Books/Town Records and Other)

John Fuller of Newton Born 1611 – per town cemetery record and headstone

John Fuller emigrated from Lavenham Parish to Cambridge, Massachusetts

John Fuller first settled in Cambridge/Newton 1644 – per town history & Monument

John Fuller born in England – per several history books

John Fuller of Newton is not related to the Mayflower Fullers as their DNA is Haplo group “R” while the male descendants of John of Newton are Haplo group “I”.

John Fuller was a malster in Newton – per local history and his Will has a Malt House.

John Fuller was a founding member of the First Church of Newton (1664) per church records.

John was Taxed for 2 people plus an Estate in 1688 (NEHGS Register Jan, 1877p.305-07)


John Fuller – Elected Town Official

1665-75 – Elected Officer in Cambridge

  1. 1665-66 – Surveyor of Highways1 p. 158/163
  2. 1669 – Constable1 p. 181
  3. 1673 – Viewer of Fences for the Common Fields in Cambridge Village1 p. 217
  4. 1675 – Constable1 p. 225

1686-1698 – Elected Officer in Newton/Cambridge Village

  1. 1686-91 – Slectman2
  2. 1686-87 – Townsman3
  3. 1687 – Surveyor of highways3
  4. 1690 – Tithingman3
  5. 1693-94 – Selectman3
  6. 1694 – Fence Viewer3

Also Served with Town of Newton:

  1. 1686 – Committee to negotiate with Cambridge on Taxation and Separation
  2. 1689 – Committee to choose a County Clerk of Writs
  3. 1695-96 – Other Town Committees



  1. The Records of the Town of Cambridge (Formerly Newtowne) Massachusetts 1630-1703.  The Records of the Town Meetings, and of the Selectmen, Comprising all of the First Volume of Records, and being Volume II, of the Printed Records of the Town. Printed by Order of the City Council Under the Direction of the City Clerk Cambridge, 1901, University Press, John Wilson and Son, Cambridge, U.S.A.
  2.  Jackson, Francis, A History of the Early Settlement of Newton, county of Middlesex: From 1639 to 1800, with a Genealogical Register of its Inhabitants Prior to 1800. By Francis Jackson (of Boston) a Native of Newton. Boston: Printed by Stacy and Richardson, 1854, page 216.
  3. Ritter and Fleishman, Newton, Massachusetts 1679-1779 a Biographical Directory. Boston, 1982, The New England Historical Genealogical Society, Page 33. [ A tithe was a levy of 10% of earnings to the church. A Tithingman was an elected person whose task was to ensure that people paid their fair share and enforce the attendance and observance of the Sabbath. Also, to preserve order during service.]
  4. Charles Edward BanksTopographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-1650,(Originally published, Philadelphia, 1937), Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, (fifth printing) 1976, page 157. Banks listed the following immigrants to New England who emigrated from Lavenham:William Paine to Salem
    Onge Family to Watertown
    William Hammond to Watertown
    Thomas Reade to Sudbury
    John Fuller to Cambridge
    Thomas Hammond to Hingham
    Simon Ayers to Watertown
    John Sales to Charlestown