John Fuller of Newton, MA, USA

Land Purchases

The Newton History Books indicate that John Fuller had accumulated about 1000 acres at the time of his death in 1698, however a search at the County Records Office found only the following Land Purchases involving John Fuller:

1655, Dec. 8, Nicholas Davison of Charlestown sold to John Fuller of Cambridge 9 acres in Watertown for £44.  [This land was part of Original Watertown Land Grant of 25 July 1636 – third division – Lot 12 to Thomas Maihew]

1657, May 15, John Fuller of Cambridge in New England sold 9 acres in Watertown to Richard Sanger of Watertown for £46.

1658, Dec 22, Joseph Cook and his wife Elisabeth Cook of Cambridge in Massachusetts New England sold to John Fuller of Cambridge 750 acres of land on & south of the Charles River [part of Cambridge at the time] for £160 of which £92,19s,8p was cash.

1676, April 13, John Macoone and his wife Mary Macoone of Camb, in Midd. in New England sold to John Fuller of Cambridge, yeoman  22 acres + buildings in Cambridge and 5 acres of Land near the Falls on the Charles River for £60.