John Fuller of Newton, MA

Land Distribution taken from his Will

[Farmstead Map]


Children showing Will item No.

Information from John Sr.’s Will

2.– John Fuller Jr.b. 1645 – d. 21 January 1720
+Abigail Balston b. 20 August 1662; d. 24 September 1709
*2nd Wife of John Fuller Jr.
+Margaret Hicks b. 3 July 1668; d. aft. 1727
“….. house and land you now live along the Charles R. adding as much out of the farm I now live on as shall make the same two hundred acres as I have butted and bounded the said addition.”

Assume 150+50= 200 acres

7.- Daughter – Elizabeth Fuller b. Aft. 1645; d. 28 November 1685
+Job Hyde b. 1643; d. 19 November 1685
 No Land
3.- Jonathan Fuller b. 1648; d. 1722
+Mindwell Trowbridge b. 20 June 1662; d. 22 February 1758
Willed To Capt Joseph’s son Jonathan
“….. the housing and land he now enjoys adding thereto out of the farmland I now live on as much as makes up the aforesaid land one hundred and fifty acres as I have bounded the same to him.”

Assume 150+50= 200 acres

4.- Joseph Fuller b. 10 February 1652; d. 5 January 1740
+Lydia Jackson b. 1656; d. 12 January 1726 
“….the lands he now enjoys and also a piece of upland and meadowland over the brook at the upper end of the grate meadow, adjoining unto the land of Jno Park to make him equal with the rest of my sons to him and his heirs forever.”

“……I give to my son Joseph Fuller the land I purchased of Jeremiah Mass…” [see will item #8 below]

Assume 150+50= 200 acres 

5.- Joshua Fullerb. 2 April 1654; d. 27 June 1752
+Elizabeth Ward b. 18 June 1660; d. 17 August 1691
*2nd Wife of Joshua Fuller
+Hannah Griggs b: 23 October 1659; d. 28 November 1739
*3rd Wife of Joshua Fuller
+Mary Buckminster b. 8 April 1660; d. 13 February 1754
“…….the housing and lands he now liveth on….” 



Assume 150+50= 200 acres

6.- Jeremiah Fuller b. 4 March 1658; d. 23 December 1743
+Mary Bass b. 1660; d. 17 August 1689
*2nd Wife of Jeremiah Fuller
+Elizabeth Blake b. 3 October 1658; d. 3 July 1700
*3rd Wife of Jeremiah Fuller
+Thankful Bird b. 6 Feb 1667; d. 27 April 1729
*4th Wife of Jeremiah Fuller
+Rachel —–   b. Abt. 1680; d. 4 January 1742 
“…… the land I formerly gave him whereon he now liveth, adding thereto out of the farm above said as much as makes up what he already enjoys, one hundred and fifty acres as the farm is now butted and bonded to him…..” 

Assume 150+50= 200 acres

8. Daughter – Bethia Fuller  b: 23 November 1661; d. 1698
+Nathaniel Bond b. 9 January 1660; d. 1 April 1700 

No Land

“I give and bequeath to my daughter Bethiah Bond twenty pounds in addition to what she hath already received of me towards her portion, to be paid her by my son Joseph Fuller, as followeth four pounds per year, until the whole sum be paid in consideration whereof I give to my son Joseph Fuller the land I purchased of Jeremiah Mass, be the same more or less.”

wife Elizabeth…

No Land

“I give and bequeath to my loving and dear wife Elizabeth a comfortable maintenance out of my movable estate and if that shall not be enoufe, then to have the liberty of any of my other estate, any thing hereafter to the contrary not withstanding, and a living in my now dwelling house and al this during her natural life, to be allowed her by my executors herein after named, out of my estate.”

9. “ninthly I give and bequeath to my five sons abovesaid house barns out-houses orchard and land conveying two hundred and fifty acres be the same more of less to them and their heirs forever, to be equally divide between them at my death.” Home farm of 250 Acres was divided among 5 sons

250/5 = 50 acres each



 Assume each son received 200 acres

Total estimated at 1000 acres