Son – Jonathan

Land Distribution (from Wills)

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3. Jonathan Fuller was born 1648 Cambridge Village, MA and died 12 August 1722 in Newton, MA
+Mindwell Trowbridge was born 20 June 1662 Dorchester, MA and died 22 Feb. 1758 in Newton, MA


Jonathan’s Living Sons

Information from Jonathan’s Will

 Jonathan and Mindwell Fuller  had no children of their own. 200 Acres – is an estimate of Jonathan’s share of his father’s estate.
2.1.  Mindwell Fuller Moveable items plus the right to live in an end of the house, plus 12 pounds per year as long as she lives. But no Land. [In fact she lived 36 years after he husband died and 36×12 = 432 pounds.]
2.2. Cap. Jonathan Fuller (1686- 1764) who was his nephew – the son of his brother Captain Joseph “All my house and Lands situated in Newton”(We assume this was 200 Acres, but there is no info on debts – perhaps some land was sold)
In his Will, Capt. Jonathan’s left his sons about 104 Acres. 15 Acres of Woodland – Jonathan Jr.
5 Acres Land – Elisha
20.5 Acres Woodland – Amariah
2 Acres of march land – Amariah
40 Acres Land – homestead – Edward
10 Acres pasture land – Edward
10 Acres woodland – Edward
1.5 Acres marsh land – Edward


(200 Acres) === 104 Acers