Son – Joshua

Land Distribution (from Wills)

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5. Joshua Fuller born 2 April 1654 Cambridge Village, MA and died 27 June 1752 in Newton, MA
+Elizabeth Ward born 18 June 1660 Cambridge Village, MA and died 17 Aug. 1691 in Newton, MA
+Hannah Griggs born 23 Oct. 1659 Roxbury, MA and died 28 Nov. 1739 in Newton, MA
+Mary Buckminster born 8 Apr. 1660 and died 13 Feb 1754 in Cambridge, MA


Joshua’s Living Sons

Information from Joshua’s Will

 Joshua had a total of 8 daughters; 4 with each of his first two wives. 200 Acres – is an estimate of Joshua’s share of his father’s estate.
The bulk of his estate was left to his daughters: Elizabeth, Hannah, Experience, Abigail and Ruth.

He mentions his daughter Mercy Cady was deceased at the time of writing his will 22 Jan 1742

The inventory of his estate was worth some 2200 Pounds of which 1986 was in Bonds.


No Land in his inventory

Note: We have not researched the Deeds to see who he sold his Land to.



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