John Fuller of Newton, MA, USA

Wills and Probate Records for Some of His Descendants

 John Fuller Sr. of Newton 


John, John Jr. 

John, John Jr., John III

John, John Jr., Isaac

John, John Jr., Jonathan, Daniel

John, John Jr., Jonathan, Amos

John, John Jr., Caleb

John, John Jr., Caleb, Ephram



John, Jonathan  No sons


John, Capt. Joseph

John, Joseph,Lieut. Joseph Jr.

John, Joseph, Joseph Jr., Judge Abraham

John, Joseph, Capt. Jonathan

John, Joseph, Jonathan, Capt. Amariah

John, Joseph, Jonathan, Capt. Edward

John, Joseph, Jonathan, Edward, Oliver, Oliver Jr.

John, Joseph, Jonathan, Edward, Oliver, Jackson

John, Joseph, Jonathan, Edward, Charles

John, Joseph, Jonathan, Elisha, Silas, John B.H.

John, Joseph, Isaac

John, Joseph, Isaac, Lieut. John

John, Joseph, Isaac, Capt. Joseph


John, Joshua  No sons


John, Lieut. Jeremiah

John, Jeremiah, Thomas

John, Jeremiah, Thomas, Thomas Jr.

John, Jeremiah, Thomas, Thomas Jr., John

John, Jeremiah, Thomas, Jeremiah

John, Jeremiah, Thomas, Col. Nathan

John, Jeremiah, Capt. Joshua

John, Jeremiah, Joshua, Lieut. Joshua Jr.

John, Jeremiah, Joshua, Joshua Jr., Joshua III

John, Jeremiah, Joshua, Joshua Jr., Capt. James

John, Jeremiah, Joshua, David

John, Jeremiah, Joshua, David, David Jr.

John, Jeremiah, Josiah

John, Jeremiah, Josiah, Col. Josiah Jr.

John, Jeremiah, Josiah, Josiah Jr., Josiah III

John, Jeremiah, Josiah, Josiah Jr., Josiah III, Josiah IV

John, Jeremiah, Josiah, Deac. Joseph

John, Jeremiah, Josiah, Joseph, Deac. Joel

John, Jeremiah, Josiah, Joseph, Joel, David

John, Jeremiah, Josiah, Joseph, Sumner, Pulaski Woodman  ……………W.L. Fuller’s Line


John, Isaac – Died early – before his Father


Other Family

Walter Cole (Father of wife of John of Newton)

James Fuller (Possible Ancestor of John Fuller of Newton