Caleb Fuller of Newton, Province of Massachusetts Bay, New England
Probate Court Appoint Administrator, 19 March 1770

Middlesex County Probate Court
Reference: Case Number 8722
Final Probate, 15 November 1771, Middlesex County,
Province of Massachusetts Bay, New England

(Born 24 Feb 1701/2   –    Died 21 Feb 1770)
(Caleb3, John Jr2, John1 of Newton)

Transcribed Sept, 2017, by
Diana Spelman, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Compiled by W L Fuller


[Note: Caleb Fuller 1702-1770, died intestate (without a Will) and below are his Probate Court Records (transcribed) which reveal much about this family starting with the death of Caleb Fuller, who was a weaver.

Wife and mother of the children was Temperance (Hyde) Fuller 1700-1749
Wife 2  Mary Mason 1711 – 1782 (no children)

Children were:
Ephram,  1725 – 1772 married 1746 Esther Warren 1727-1784
Nahemiah, 1727 – 1779
William, 1732 – 1802 married 1759 Elizabeth Alderchurch, nee Brown
Bethia,  1734 – bef 1760 married 1750 John Murdock 1727 – 1806
Ann,  1739 – 1745

The bold headers with dates prior to each document were inserted by me……… W L Fuller]


19 March 1770 —Bond/Appointment of Administrator

KNOW all Men by these Presents, That we Thomas Park of Cambridge Yeoman, Michael Jackson Gentleman & Phinehas Cook Gentleman both of Newton, all in the County of Middlesex

within His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Samuel Danforth Esq[uire] Judge of the Probate of Wills, and granting Administrations within the County of Middlesex in the full and just Sum of two hundred  Pounds, in Lawful Money of said Province, to be paid unto the said Samuel Danforth his Successors in the said Office or Assigns:

To the true Payment whereof, we do bind ourselves, and each of us, our, and each of our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, jointly and severally, for the whole and in the whole, firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seals. Dated the nineteenth Day of March Anno Domini, One Thousand Seven Hundred and seventy Annoque Regni Regis decimo [Translation: and in the tenth year of the reign of the king]

THE Condition of this Present Obligation is such,

That if the above-bounden Thomas Park this Day admitted administrator of the Estate of Caleb Fuller late of Newton afores[ai]d Weaver deceased Intestate

do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, which have or shall come to the Hands, Possession or Knowledge of him the said Thomas or into the Hands and Possession of any other Person or Persons for him and the same so made, do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the  Registry of the Court of Probate for the said County of Middlesex at or before the nineteenth Day of June next ensuing; and the same Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, and all other the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, at the time of his Death, which at any time after shall come to the Hands and Possession of the said Thomas or into the Hands and Possession of any other Person or Persons for him do well and truly Administer according to Law: And further do make or cause to be made a just and true Accompt of his said Administration upon Oath, at or before the nineteenth Day of March which will be in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and seventy one

And all the Rest and Residue of the said Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, which shall be found remaining upon the said Administrator’s Accompt, (the same being first examined and allowed of by the Judge or Judges for the time being of Probate of Wills and granting Administrations within the County of Middlesex aforesaid) and shall deliver and pay unto such Person or Persons respectively, as the said Judge or Judges by his or their Decree or Sentence pursuant to Law shall limit and appoint:

And if is shall hereafter appear that any last Will and Testament was made by the said Deceased, and the Executor or Executors therein named do exhibit the same into the Court of Probate for the said County of Middlesex making Request to have it allowed and approved accordingly: if the said Thomas above bounden being thereunto required, do render and deliver the said Letter of Administration (Approbation of such Testament being first had and made)  into the said Court: Then the before written Obligation to be Void and of none Effect, or else to abide and remain in full Force and Virtue.

Sealed and Delivered
in Presence of                                                     Tho[ma]s Park
Eliz[abeth] Kneeland                                       Mich[ae]l Jackson
W[ilia]m  Kneeland                                        Phineas Cook


19 March 1770 – Warrant/Court Appoints Inventory Committee

Province of the      )        Middlesex  ss.
Massachusetts Bay )

To  Lieu[tenan]t  Michael Jackson, Mr Phinehas Cook & Mr Samuel Hide all of Newton
in the County aforesaid, Greeting.

You are hereby appointed and impowered to take an Inventory of, and (according to your best Skill and Judgment) truly and justly to apprize (in Lawful Money of this Province) all the Estate whereof Caleb Fuller  late of the Same Town Weaver died seized, in the aforesaid County:  and you are to make Return of this Warrant, with your Doings thereon, unto the Probate Office, in the same County, as soon as conveniently may be.

Given under my Hand this nineteenth Day of March A.D. 1770.
Messrs Jackson & Cook Sworn

                                                S: Danforth  – J. Prob.


26 March 1770 – Inventory

An Inventory of Mr Caleb Fuller Estate Late of Newton
Deces[sed] Real & Personal

[Real Estate – Total – £107.01.04]
Part of an old House 6.13.04
Part of an Old Barn 2.08.00
Two Peses of Land Containing about Fourteen Acers at 7£ per acer 98.00.00
[Personal Estate]
one Horse 9£ one Colt 6£ two Swine 40/- 17.00.00
one Limback Cow 18/- one Red D[itt]o 53/4 one Brown D[itt]o 53/4 7.14.08
three Geese 9/- one Pair of old Cart wheeles & Iron Back band 28/- 1.17.00
one Dung fork 0/7 one Small Fork 0/4 one Reake 0/4  one Oled Hoe 0/4 0.01.07
one old Chest/Cubbord 10/- 3 pair of Old Sheets 15/- one Torn Sheet 5/4 1.10.04
one Pair of Pillor Cases 2/- Three Torn Napkins 1/6 0.03.06
one Tabbel Cloth 0/8 Two old Pillorcases 1/- Four pair Gloves 1/4 0.03.00
one Pair Styllards 1/4 one Tankrd 2/- one Quart Pott 1/- one Puter Pot 4/- 0.08.04
one Old Tabel 2/- Five old Chairs 2/8 Two Table Coths 4/- 0.08.04
Two Torn Towels 1/2 one Grait Chair 1/4 Two old Tabiles 2/- 0.04.06
three milk Pans 1/ one old Fryingpan 1/4 Three old Pails 0/8 0.03.00
one old Cheespress 1/- one ax 4/- one old Spining Wheele 3/- 0.08.00
one Fether Bead a Straw D[itt]o Beadstead/Cord 3 Blankets & 1 Sheet 2.10.00
one old Bead Stead 4/- Nine Pound of Flax 4/10 0.08.10
one Old Weavers Lombe & Tackling 30/- one Old Cubord 3/- 1.13.00
one old Sadel 4/- one auger one sqair & Shave 2/- one pair of Trases 0.09.00
one Iron Spit 1/4  old Iron 3/6 Two pair of Hames 1/4 0.06.02
one Belle & wooden Scales 1/4 one Blue Coat 7/- one Jackett 6/- 0.14.04
Three old Jacketts 1/4 Two old Shirts 6/- Two pair of old Briches 4/- 0.11.04
one old Hatt 1/4 Eight Busshils of Corn 20/- Two Pound of Comb Flax 2/- 1.03.04
Linning yarn 5/4   Six old Books 3/- Part of a Barril of Poark 30/- 1.18.04
Two Barrils of Sydor 12/- Three old Barils 3/0 Two Barril Tarel 1/6 0.16.06
old Tubbs 3/- one Small Fether Bead 30/- one Bolster & Coverlid 5/- 1.18.00
one Pair of Panniers 1/4 one Meal Bagg 1/6 Two old Sw[o]rds 1/6 0.04.04
one Powder Horn & Cartrich box 0/6 one Sm[a]ll Baskitt 0/4 0.00.10
one over glass 0/4 Two Candelsticks 0/6 0.00.10
[Subtotal] 149.18.05
(2)The Folowing Artikels ware Brought By the Widow
one Fether Bead one Straw D[itt]o Beadstead Beadcord Bolster PillowsPillow Casses three Blankets one pair of Sheets & Sute of Curtins 6.14.08
one Table Cloath 2/- Six Chaires 12/- Two old D[itt]o 2/ 0.16.00
Puter Platers Plates Porringers & Spoons 32/- 1.12.00
one Tramel 3/- Tongs & Fire Shovel 2/- handirons Gridiron 4/- 0.09.00
Two Iron Potts & Kittle 6/- one Brass Bittle & Brass pan 36/- 2.02.00
one Brass & Iron Skillitts 1/- one Chist 3/- one warmingpan 4/- 0.08.00
one old Bread Trough 1/- Crockrey ware 4/- 0.05.00
one Table 5/- Stone Jugg 1/-  Stone mugg 0/4  Earthen Pott 0/4 0.06.08
Fourteen Small  Sarmon Books 9/- 0.09.00
                          Brought over 149.18.05
A Noot [note] against Wil[lia]m Fuller wich is Du[e] bas[e] [£]27.03.04

This is a True Inventory apprised By us the Subscribers

Mich[ae]l Jackson)
Phineas Cook       )   Apprisors  all Sworn
Sam:ll Hide          )

Newton March the 26th 1770


Middlesex.        March 27 1770

Mr Thomas Parks the administ[rato]r exhibited the foregoing inventory on oath.

S: Danforth J prob.

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Dorse [manuscript note]
Newton March 26 / 1770

We the Subscribors have aprised all the Estate of Mr Caleb Fuller Deces[ed] wich was Showne to us By the Administrator acording to our Best Skill & Judgment

                                                             Mich[ae]l Jackson
                                                             Phineas Cook
                                                             Samuel Hide

[manuscript title:] Caleb Fuller, Warrant for Inv.  M[ar]ch 19 1770



27 March 1770 – Administrator declares estate insolvent

A list of Debts Owing from the Estate of Caleb Fuller late of Newton Deceased

To Nehemiah Fuller 69.00.00
Tho[ma]s Park 70.00.00
Joseph Stratton 9.00.00
Sam[ue]l Hide 7.00.00
Joh[n] Jackson 4.00.00
The Town of Newton 4.00.00
Funeral Charges 4.10.00
To the widow for her priviledge [privilege] 13.02.04
Mr Hancock 26.13.04
Charge of Administrator 4.00.00

I hereby represent the Estate of Caleb Fuller late of Newton Deceased to be Insolvent

Tho[ma]s Park    administrator 


27 March, 1770 – Court Commission to List the Creditor Claims against the Estate

Middlesex ss.

To Capt. Abraham Fuller & Mr. Michael Jackson both of Newton in the County of Middlesex.


Whereas the Estate of    Caleb Fuller  late of  Newton  in said County deceased, hath been represented to me as Insolvent, and insufficient to pay all the just Debts which the said Deceased owed:  You are therefore hereby nominated and appointed to be Commissioners with full Power to receive and examine all Claims of the several Creditors to the said Estate, and how they are made out:  And to the End that the said Creditors may bring in their Claims, you are to cause the Times and Place of your Meeting to attend them for the receiving and examining of their Claims, to be make known and published, by posting up the same in the Town of Newton & the Shire Town of the County aforesaid and of the two next adjoining Counties:  And six Months Time is hereby allowed unto the said Creditors for bringing in their Claims and proving their Debts: At the End of which Time you are to make Return to me of this Commission, with your Doings thereon, that so Distribution may be made of the said Estate among the Creditors, agreeable to the Direction of the Law.

Given under my Hand and Seal of Office, this twenty seventh Day of March, Anno Domini, 1770.

S: Danforth J. Prob.


27 March 1770  I [will] allow [un]till the 27 of April 1771 to the Creditors to bring in their Claims.

S. Danforth J. prob.



7 May 1771 – Commissions Submits a List of Creditors of the Estate

Middlesex ss:

Pursuant to the Commission from the  Hon Samuel Danforth Esq. Judge of the Probate &c. in and for said County, Authorizing us the Subscribers to receive and examine the Claims of the Several Creditors to the Estate of Caleb Fuller late of Newton Deceased, having attended that Service, we find there is Due from the Estate of the said Deceased, to the persons herein named the Several Sums respectively Affixed to their names Viz.t

John Remington £0.11.04
Amariah Fuller 10.00
John Jackson 3.15.2:.50
Joshua Fuller 6.08
the Estate of Isaac Jackson Deceased 14.11:.25
Ephraim Hammond Jun[io]r 9.01
Phinehas Cook 8.08
Joseph Fuller 16.11:.25
Samuel Jackson 1.12.08
Abraham Fuller 8.08
Israel Stowel 2.18.00:.50
Joseph Stratton 9.19.01:.75
Dr. John King: (due above one year before last Sickness of the Deceased) 18.03
John Marean, Constable Town of Newton, for Town/County/Minister Rates 16.02:.50
Joseph Gardner 8.00
Thomas Greenwood Esq. and others in the Capacity of Trustees for the money the property of the Town being a Bondman for the same 3.10.08
Norman Clarke, Samuel Hide being Bondman for the same 7.09.04
Caleb Kingsbury 4.08
Ezra Parker 6.00
Ephraim Jackson 8.01
Joshua Flagg 12.05
Jedidiah Leath 3.04
Thomas Park as Surety for the aforesaid Deceased & to the Rev. Mr. Walter of Boston and to the heirs of Andrew Bondman Esq. late of Cambridge Deceased 78.14.07
Jonathan Harback 2.04
William Fuller 1.07.02
[Total Claims of Creditors] 122.12.01

Newton May 7th 1771   [signed]
Abr[aham] Fuller) Commiss[ione]rs
Michael Jackson )    both Sworn


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Fees Due for the Service within mentioned Viz.
to Abraham Fuller £1.3.0
to Michael Jackson  1.1.0


24 June 1771 – Administrator Presents the Court with his 

Account (of the money)


The account of Thomas Park administrator of the Estate of Caleb Fuller Late of Newton in said County Dece[ase]d Intestate.

The said accountant charged himself with the Personal Estate of the said Deceased specified in an  Inventory thereof exhibited into the Probate office of said County on the 27th Day of March A.D. 1770 amounting to
[total 163.00.09 minus Widow’s property of 13.02.04 = 149.18.05]
And the new adds
Cash received for the Real Estate sold  £105 -inventory above £107.01.04 -2.01.04
D[itt]o of Ab[raha]m Fuller Esq 36/8 of W[ilia]m Fuller 13.3.0 14.19.08
A Noot [note] against Wil[lia]m Fuller wich is Du[e] 27.03.04
[Subtotal] [190.00.01]
And the said accountant covers allowances as follows viz.
Cash paid Nehemiah Fuller for redemption of the mortgage on the said Estate -73.14.01
[Subtotal cash in hand] [116.06.00]
[Other cash payments made or rights – some listed ] [-59.16.04]
Balance 56.09.08

Middlesex ss: June 24, 1771

Mr Thomas Park the administrator presented the above & within written acco[un]t on oath: I having examined the same, do allow thereof ! [singed] S: Danforth J. Probate


15 Nov 1771 – Court Order to Pay Creditors of the Estate

Middlesex ss:  Nov[embe]r 15 1771 [all hand written by the Judge]

Whereas the Estate of Caleb Fuller late of Newton in aforesaid County Dece[ase]d is indebted to others presented herein after named to the amount of one hundred twenty two Pounds twelve Shillings & a Penny. For Payment of whereof these vouchers of his Estate (upon Ballance of the account of the administrator hereof) no more than forty fore Pounds nine Shillings & five Pence, half Penny   [this amount must have changed at some point because he distributed £56.09.07 and ½ penny, which is the amount shown in the accounts in these papers].

I do therefore herby order that the said Ballance be distributed & paid out by Mr. Thomas Park (the Administrator) to the several Creditors in proportion to their respective Claim as examind & allowed by Commissioners for that purpose appointed as follows:
[Note: the Judge wrote out the amounts in partial Pence (penny)]


John Remington £0.5.04:.50
Amariah Fuller 4.07:.25
John Jackson 1.14.7:.75
Joshua Fuller 3.00:.75
Isaac Jackson’s Administrator 6.10:.50
Eph[rai]m Hammond Jun[io]r 4.02:.25
Phinehas Cook 3.11:.50
Joseph Fuller 7.09:.75
Samuel Jackson 15.00:.50
Abraham Fuller 3.11:.50
Israel Stowel 1.06.08:.75
Joseph Stratton 4.11.08:.75
Dr. John King 8.05:.00
John Marean, (Rates) 7.05:.50
Joseph Gardner £0.03.08:.25
Thomas Greenwood Esq. and other Trustees 1.12.06:.75
Norman Clarke 3.08.09:.50
    Thomas Hovey [not on the original list] 2.05.11:.00
Caleb Kingsbury 2.01:.75
Ezra Parker 2.09:.25
Ephraim Jackson 3.08:.75
Joshua Flag 5.08:.50
Jedidiah Leathe 1.06:.50
Tho[ma]s Park as Surety to Mr. Walter &c. Bondman 36.05.04:.00
Jon[atha]n Harback 1.01:00
W[ilia]m Fuller 12.06:00
[Total =56.09.08] [56.09.07:.50]

Given under my Hand & Seal of the office this Day & Year above written.

[signed]                   S: Danforth   J. prob.


The proportion is 41/89



Source:       Middlesex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1648-1871.    New England Historic Genealogical Society online database, 2014. From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, Boston, MA, USA