Charles Fuller of Fairhaven, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA
Last Will, March 13, 1844

Bristol County Probate and Family Court Registry, Taunton, MA, USA
Reference: D3972, Yr. 1859, Vol 129, Page 68, No. 59
Probate, 6 May, 1859, New Bedford, County of Bristol,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA

(Born, 5 March 1789  –  Died 19 March 1859)
(Charles5, Edward4, Jonathan3, Joseph2, John1of Newton)

 Transcribed by Don R. J. Fuller, 2012

I Charles Fuller of Fairhaven in the County of Bristol, being of sound & disposing mind and memory for settling and disposing of all my worldly estate, do establish the following as my last will and testament.

First. I do give and bequeath, to each of my children said Benjamin B. Fuller, Charles Fuller, Thomas M. Fuller, and Mary Gunn, the wife of John Gunn, the sum of one dollar cash to be paid by my executor herafter named.

Second. I do give leave and bequeath to my widow Sarah W. Fuller, all the entire residue of my estate & property after the payment of my just debts, funeral expenses & the costs of settling my estate, house & property to her and her heirs & assigns.

Lastly I do constitute my friend Cyrus E. Clark executor of this my last will & testament, who is hereby directed to pay all my past debts as soon as possible after my decease.

In testimony of which I have hereunto set my signature & seal, this thirteenth day of March AD 1844.

Signed, sealed, published                                                                      Charles Fuller
and declared by said testament
as his last Will & Testament
in presence of the widow
signed, who  in the presence
of us and in his presence at
his request & in presence
of each other
William S. Mooney
Priscilla McCarter
Nathaniel S. Spooner