John Fuller of Newton

  1. John Fuller of Newton is listed as one of the ANCESTRAL FULLERS, who immigrated to New England prior to 1650.
  2. John’s name is on the “First Settlers Monument” in the East Parish Burying Grounds in Newton, MA, which also indicates that he settled in Newton (Cambridge) area in 1644 and died in 1698 at age 87 as can be seen in the CEMETERIES section.
  3. We know the names of his CHILDREN and many of their descendants are documented in local history books, some vital statistics records and cemetery/stone records.
  4. John’s wife and mother of their children was Elizabeth Cole from LAVENHAM, Suffolk, England, UK  as documented in many history books, some including a reference to her father’s Will.
  5. A Deed from the County Records Office proves that in December 1658 John Fuller purchased 750 acres of land on the south side of the Charles river from Joseph Cooke for £160. Historian, Francis Jackson indicates that John was born 1611 in England and that this land, along with an additional 250 acres purchased later, became known as the FULLER FARM, part of which was annexed to Waltham in 1849, with the rest remaining part of Newton, MA.
  6. The name ‘John Fuller’ appears in the CAMBRIDGE Town Records as an elected town officer for the years 1665-1675.
  7. The name ‘John Fuller’ appears in the Newton Town Records as an elected town officer for the years 1678-1698 (per Newton Town Meeting Record Book, 1679-1705) as well as various other entries in the Town Records during the span of his life. This is shown in the WE KNOW section.