John Fuller of Newton, MA, USA

 Land Purchase from Joseph Cook, 1658

Transcribed by NEHGS, Boston – 2013 

Book 2, p. 180-181

180Mr. Joseph Cook toJno Fuller



for 16000






750 Acres of land in Cambridge





To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come joseph Cooke of Cambridge in the Massachusetts New England Gent. Send greetings know that the said Joseph Cooke for and in consideration of one hundred and three [score] pounds whereof ninety two pounds nineten schillings & eight pence in hand payd by John Fuller of Cambridge aforesaid, where of & [ - ] he the said Joseph Cooke [doth] acknowledge himself fully satisfied, contented & payd &thereof &of [ - ] part (& parsell) thereof do exonerate, acquit, and discharge the said John Fuller – his heyres, Executors, & [ - ] and [ - ] of [ - ] forever by these presents, the [residue] [ - ] to be payd Hath given, granted, bargained, sold, [ - ] & confirmed, and by those presents do give, grant, bargained, sell, [ - ] & confirmed unto the said John Fuller, his farms in Cambridge & aforesaid, containing seaven hundred & fifty acres (part meadow & part upland_ be there more or less. One side of [the] said farms is bounded with the River called Charles River on the [north] the [ - ] end of the said farme bounded with a winding part of the same River [west] the other side bounded with farms that [ - ] or late was [Mr] Samuel Shepard south ( a [ - ] line winding between) the other end is bounded with the ground of Thomas [Harbb] [ - ]. To have and to hold the said farms with all the rights, priviledges and appurtenances thence unto belonging as before [ - ] & bounded together with all deeds, & [ - ] writings, [ - ], & minutes, [touching] or [concerning] the premises unto the said John Fuller his hayres and Assignes forever. And the said Joseph Cook for himself, his hayres, Executors and [ - ] doth [covenant] and grant to & with the said John Fuller, his hayres & Assignes by these presents. That he the said Joseph Cooke, the day of [ - ] date [ - ] & standeth lawfully seized to his own use of and in the said bargained prmisses & [ - ] part thereof [with] the appurtenants thereof in a good , perfect & absolute state of inhabitance in fee simple and hath himself full power, good rights & lawfull authority to grant, bargain, sell, convey and assure the same in maner & form aforesaid. And that the said John Fuller shall & may forever here after [ - ] & quietly, have, hold, & injoy the said bargained prmisses, with all the rights, priviledges & appurtenances thereof as aforesaid, [ - ] & [ - ] & thoorly acquitted & discharged, of and from all [ - ] bargains, [sales], gifts, [gwaunts], [joyntes], dowrey, titles of dower, mortgages, forfeiture, judgements, extents, [ - ] and all other acts & incumbrances what so [ - ], had made,

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committed & done, or suffered to be done by the said Joseph Cooke his Hayres or assigns, or any person or persons, claimeng by from or under [ - ], [ - ], or any of them or had made, done or comitted, or to be done or committed, by any other person or persons lawfully claimeng, any rights, title, or interest to the same or any part thereof, whereby the said John Fuller his heyres of assignes shall or may be hereafter molested or lawfully[ - ] out of possession or [ - ] thereof – And further that the said Joseph Cooke & his heyres, at the reasonable request, and that the cost & charges in the law of the said John fuller his heyres [and assigns, shall & will performe and [ - ] or cause to be performed & done, any such further act or acts as the said Joseph Cooke, shall be there unto advised  or required by [ - ] the said John Fuller his heyres of assigns, for a more full & perfect [ - ] and assuring the said premises and [ - ] part thereof according to the Lawse of this jurisdiction. And Lastly Elizabeth Cooke the wife of the said Joseph Cook, doth  by these presents fully and freely yeold and give up all her right, title , dower, & interest of & into the said premises, unto the said John Fuller his heyres & assigns [ - ]. In witness whereof the said Joseph Cook, & Elizabeth his wife have hereunto put their hads and seals, the two [ and twentieth]day of [december] in the year of our lord one thousand six hundred fifty eight


John Fuller

22 Dec 1658

Signed sealed & delivrdIn the presence offEdward Collins

Joseph Cooke & a seal

Elizabeth Cook her mark

E & a seal

Attest [ - ] Robert Howard not: pub.

Miss Elizabeth Cooke did according to Law freely field Her right two thirds, august 27 1661

Ri: Billingham Dept. Gov.

Entered & Recorded the 13th of

January 1661

By Thomas Danforth recorde